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Nikola Vejin

Well, who are you?

I'm Nikola Vejin, a Solopreneur and Freelance Developer who helps businesses grow by leveraging cutting-edge technology, design and AI.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of joining creative forces with global businesses and high-profile names like Hotspot Shield or Ronda Rousey, to name a few.

CodeFavorite is a one-person agency. And, while I do have a talented team of developers whom I occasionally collaborate with when the workload demands it, you'll be working with me directly. This ensures that you'll have a direct line of communication and a high level of personal attention throughout the entire process.

You can find me on social media: LinkedIn and Twitter.

I'm also on Codeable, where I completed over 600 projects and you can read reviews from my previous clients .

4 really good reasons to work with me

Business savvy

I speak in business terms and help you appeal to your target audience. A website should be a tool to achieve your set goals and move the company forward.

Quality First

I believe in delivering nothing but the best. I won't settle for mediocrity, and neither should you.

I hear you

Truly understanding your vision before starting a project is immensely important. Communication really is the key.


I genuinely want you to succeed and approach every project as if I were doing it for myself.


I worked very closely with some amazing brands to deliver exceptional results, fast!

Let's build your success together

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